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Directed Studies Tutor Program

Directed Studies Tutor Positions

As a complement to our Supplemental Academic Support Tutorial Program, DS Tutors provide additional guidance for student-athletes in Directed Studies. Some of the tasks which DS Tutors may assist student-athletes with include, but aren’t limited to: subject tutorial (given their field of study), writing, time management skills, organizational skills and note-taking skills. The overall goal is to provide task-oriented support meeting the individual needs of the student-athlete.

Become a DS Tutor:

Application Process:

To apply for a DS Tutor position or if you have any questions, contact Cory Buckner (213-740-2018 or The following information will need to be e-mailed to Cory as part of your application packet:

Application materials are reviewed, and qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. References are required and will be contacted for applicants who meet the qualifications and would make a good addition to the Directed Studies staff.