University of Southern California

Student-Athlete Academic Services

Book Policies for Scholarship Athletes

When you receive your books, you will need to do the following.

  1. During the book distribution, each student-athlete reviews the books in his or her bag and checks off each book on the receipt. The student-athlete signs the receipt and Student-athlete’s original booklist to verify/acknowledge that he or she has received the correct books.
  2. Make sure your receipt from the bookstore contains only the names of the books in your box (you don’t want to be responsible for a book that was rung up on your receipt but not in your box).
  3. Student-Athlete will also sign a Book Form that explains SAAS book policies.
  4. If you need additional books that were not on your original booklist during the first book distribution you will need to provide a copy of your syllabus to either Whitney Rotrock. Whitney will confirm the additional books are required and create a book form for you to take to the bookstore to pick up your additional required books as stated on your syllabus.
  5. If a student-athlete’s course syllabi does not list books/supplies as “required” and yet the professor states they are required, the student-athlete must get a signed letter from the professor stating that the books/supplies are required for the course. The letter must be on official departmental letterhead. The student-athlete must bring the letter to the Compliance Office for approval.

If there are any problems, inform Whitney Rotrock immediately.