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Mimi Butler

Mimi Butler is an Assistant Athletic Director and serves as Director of Athletic Academic Support. Throughout her career at USC, Mimi has served as a Learning Specialist and developed the Directed Studies program which has grown to service over 100 students each semester.  This program, part of the Academic Support Program she directs, has successfully provided academic support for at-risk student-athletes for 20 years. The goal of the program is to facilitate the transition of incoming student-athletes into the academic rigor of university life. 

Before joining USC,  Mimi had extensive experience at several levels of education and was recognized in the field for teaching excellence. She began her career as a Title I Reading Coordinator at Lennox High School She then became Head of the Reading Program at Raney Jr. High School in Corona before becoming an instructor and head of the Developmental Education department at Riverside Community College. In this role, she developed an integrated reading and writing curriculum, assumed numerous leadership positions, and was a speaker at numerous conferences including the National Conference on Teaching Excellent in Austin Texas. She left Riverside Community College to assume the role of Tutorial Coordinator at USC in the Student Academic Support Office and held this position for 4  years before joining the Athletic Department as the Senior Learning Specialist. 

As the Director of Athletic Academic Support, Mimi is responsible for oversight of all aspects of academic support. These include supervision and training of the 7 member professional Learning Specialist team, 12 Assistant Learning Specialists, the 85 members of the  Tutorial Program, the Directed Studies Program, and the Summer Intensive Workshop.  In addition, she provides direct academic support to a group of student-athletes. Her primary goal is to help the student-athletes that she works with become self-regulated learners who will graduate from USC and be equipped with the skills necessary to pursue successful careers. 

In 2015 Mimi received the Legend of Troy award at graduation in recognition of her service to the department. This award is given each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Athletic Department. 

Mimi was born and raised in Springfield, Pennsylvania before moving to Saratoga, California. Mimi received her undergraduate degree in History and English and a Masters degree in Education from UCLA. She met her husband Joe at UCLA and they now reside in South Pasadena and have two children. 

Contact Information:
Office: (213) 740-0069