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Learning Assistant Program

Learning Assistants help student-athletes with time management, organizational skills, and the development or enhancement of study strategies, including note-taking, test preparation, reading, and writing. They help students to set semester, weekly, and daily goals, and to develop a plan of action to meet those goals, in addition to evaluating progress made towards goal-achievement. Learning Assistants work with the program coordinator and the student to develop an Individual Academic Plan that meets the student’s specific academic goals and needs. They facilitate Writing Support Groups, Objective-based Structured Study groups, and other academic skill-building groups assigned by the Tutorial Coordinator.

Become a Learning Assistant:
Application Process:

To apply, email the following documentation as part of your application packet to Dr. Martin Jauregui:

• Position Description – Learning Assistant

• Learning Assistant Job Application

If you need a copy of Adobe Reader, please visit Adobe

Application materials are reviewed, and qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. Faculty references are required and will be contacted, via email, for applicants who meet the qualifications and would make a good addition to the tutorial staff.

Resources for Current Learning Assistants:
SAS Program Training Manual 2016

For GradesFirst Logins:

Username: Student USC Email Address

Password: Created upon student login*

*If you need to reset, please contact Martin Jauregui or Marisa Samaniego