University of Southern California

Student-Athlete Academic Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How do I find my travel excuse letter?

Your travel excuse letter should have been emailed to you by your SAAS counselor. If not, please go to our Travel Excuse Letter page and refer to your sport.

2.) What are SAAS’s hours of operation?

During the Fall and Spring semesters our hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 10pm
Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12pm – 9pm

During the Summer semester our hours are:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday : Closed

3.) What can I print in the lab?

You can print any and all academic work. Each student is given 250 pages of academic print each week.

4.) I need a blue book/scantron, where can I get that in JMC?

5.) Where is my counselor’s office?

Please refer to the following list for your counselor and also the sports that they will be covering.

Heather Bell – Located at JMC Room 106

Darrick Brown – Located at JMC Room 142

Susie Cognetta – Located at JMC Room 136

Magdi El Shahawy – Located at JMC Room 108

Jennifer Hong – Located in JMC Room 138

Angela Munger – Located in JMC Room 104

Renee Ramos – Located at JMC Room 124

Whitney Rotrock – Located at JMC Room 122

6.) My tutor is late, how can I contact my tutor?

First, please contact your SAAS Advisor to let them know that you are on time for your appointment so you don’t get charged for not being there. After that, please see Dr. Martin Jauregui for assistance.

7.) I can’t register because I have this hold – what do I do?

Please look at the following table to see which hold you have so you know who to contact to remove the hold. All other holds please contact your SAAS advisor.

Academic Holds

Name Description Contact Location
ADM60 Admissions – Missing Transcripts Hold 213-740-1111 TCC-202
ALI01 American Language Institute hold 213-740-0079 JEF 206
ARD04 Readmission Contract Hold 213-740-0776 STU 301
COLL01, 02, etc. Financial Hold 213-740-9087 PSB 100
FWP01 Freshman Writing Program Hold 213-740-1980 JEF 150
ISDL01 Library Fines hold 213-740-2924 Owning Library
RNR01, 03 Academic Probation/Disqualification Hold 213-740-7741 TRO 101
SCP01,02 Structured Curriculum Program Hold 213-740-0776 STU 301
SHC10 Measles/Mumps Immunity Hold 213-740-5344 SHC 100
STU10 Student Conduct Hold 213-821-7373 STU 206
Mandatory Advisment Meet with Major Advisor before your Registration date each semester.

***In Addition, every student-athlete will have an ATH 01 & 02 hold that only allows them to use the online registration system ONE time and also prevents students from dropping below 12 units each semester. Please see your Athletic Academic Counselor if you have questions.

8.) When can I pick up my stipends?

Your stipends should be available every 26th of each month. Please see Jennifer Amran for further details.

9.) Where can I print in color?

You will be able to print in color by visiting Room 134 and asking a student worker to help you print.

10.) How can I access my tutorial schedule?

You will be able to access your tutorial schedule by visiting GradesFirst

11.) How can I access my class schedule?

You can access your class schedule via your University Student Portal MyUSC ( or on your GradesFirst portal (

12.) How can I access my STARS report?

You can access your STARS report via your OASIS account which you can access in your University Student Portal MyUSC (