University of Southern California

Student-Athlete Academic Services

Guest Coaches

The Guest Coaches Program was developed to provide USC faculty with an inside look at the operations of Student-Athlete Academic Services. The two-day informative session provides a better understanding of a student-athlete’s academic and athletic commitments so one can appreciate the mental and physical demands placed on our athletes here at USC. Faculty learn about the operations of our athletic department and have the opportunity to meet, communicate with and ask questions of USC’s administration, coaches, and SAAS staff. These interactions offer insight into how we monitor, coach and provide the necessary resources for our student-athletes to succeed both in the classroom and on the playing field. Faculty also have the opportunity to enjoy behind the scenes tours of the John McKay Center and the LA Coliseum, two buildings that truly represent the University of Southern California’s student-athletes.

The two-day program starts on the Friday before a home football game. On the itinerary for this day is lunch in the Galen dining center followed by a guided tour of the John McKay Center, film session, meetings with the athletic director, Director of Football Operations, and Director of SAAS. The tour then moves to the practice field where the guest coaches watch our football student athletes at practice and chat with the head coach. Day 1 finishes with a pep rally in Heritage Hall.

The second part of the program takes place on Saturday or “GameDay.” On game day, the guest will start with a tour of the Trojans locker room. Next stop is the press box followed by lunch/dinner. Afterward, the guest coaches make their way to the field to experience the sidelines and take in the scenery. Finally, the group will have a photo taken with the head football coach before heading to their seats to watch the game. Our hope is that the guest coaches program will allow SAAS to establish great working relationships with faculty while sharing a unique experience.