University of Southern California

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Guest Coaches of 2012

Home Games

Game #1 – Hawaii vs USC
Game #2 – California vs USC
Game #3 – Colorado vs USC
Game #4 – Oregon  vs USC
Game #5 – ASU vs USC

Game #1  - Hawaii vs USC

Alexi Waul with Coach Kiffin

Bill and John Deverell with Coach Kiffin










Eduardo Molina with Coach Kiffin


Sara Esquivel with Coach Kiffin










Left to Right: Heather Bell, Eduardo Molina, Sara Esquivel, Alexi Waul, Whitney Rotrock, Pat Haden, John Deverell, Bill Deverell, President Max Nikias











Game #2 – CAL vs USC

Steve and Kim Eggleston with Coach Kiffin













Nicholas and Matt Michael with Coach Kiffin













La Vern Braziel and Derrick Cooper with Coach Kiffin













Erica Embry and Peter Krumeich with Coach Kiffin













Game #3 - Colorado vs USC

From left to right: Neil Healy, Janna Wong, Coach Kiffin, Monica Vallejo, Dr. Albert Vallejo









Game #4 – Oregon vs USC

From left to right: Rhacel Parrenas and Guest, Ray Gonzales and Guest, Joseph Anthony and guest, Chris Smith and guest











Game #5 – ASU vs USC

From left to right: Dr. LaVonna Lewis, Louis Lewis, Coach Kiffin, Dave Anderson, Dr. Emily Anderson










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