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SCOA Japan Summer 2013

This past summer we ended up having three USC student-athletes participate in SCOAʼs summer camp.  In addition to Mike Godbe (swimming) and Kris Washington ( track), Alegra Hueso (water polo), who was an alternate, ended up joining us in Japan.  In all, five USC students came to Japan to be SCOA camp counselors, including one USC song girl. Thirteen counselors were selected to come to Japan. In addition to USC, counselors attended Cal, UCLA, Stanford and UC Davis.

We were very pleased with Mike, Kris and Alegra and in talking with them after the camp, they said they had a very rewarding and meaningful experience. The last camp session we did was sponsored by the U.S. Embassyʼs TOMODACHI Initiative, which is a goodwill program to help the people devastated by the March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The camp was held in the Tohoku region where the tsunami hit. Elementary and junior high students from Fukushima, where the nuclear accident occurred, participated in the camp.

For both Kris and Mike’s reflections about their experience, please refer to this PDF – SCOA_USC_Kris Washington & Mike Godbe_2013

SCOA_USC_Kris Washington & Mike Godbe_2013