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Women’s Lacrosse

Please Note:
Excused absence letters do not excuse student-athletes from any homework, quiz, exam, etc. that is missed while participating in a University-sponsored athletic event. Student-athletes are still responsible for making up any work that is missed due to traveling. Only those student-athletes listed on the excuse letter are excused from missing class.

Howard Croom
Academic Counselor: Football, Women’s Lacrosse
Office: (213) 821-4137

University of Florida & Stetson Univ. – LAX FLA Stetson Travel Excuse Letter (Feb.22-27, 2017)

Boston University – LAX BU Travel Excuse Letter (Mar.8, 2017)

Stony Brook | Ohio State University – LAX SB OSU Travel Excuse Letter (Mar.23-27, 2017)

Fresno State University – LAX Fresno Travel Excuse Letter (Mar. 31, 2017)

Univ. of Oregon & San Diego State University – LAX Oregon SDSU Travel Excuse Letter (Apr.6-9, 2017)

University of Colorado – LAX Colorado Travel Excuse Letter (Apr.14, 2017)

Stanford University & UC Davis – LAX Travel Excuse Letter (Apr.21-23, 2017)

MPSF Conference Tournament – LAX Travel Excuse Letter (Apr.26-28, 2017)

*If the Excused Letter doesn’t pop up, follow these steps:

  1. Right-Click the Excuse Letter and hit “Save Target As”
  2. Save the Excuse Letter to the Desktop
  3. Open the PDF File from your Desktop