Are You Encountering Academic Challenges? 

For student-athletes who are experiencing severe struggles in their academics, or believe they have a disability, please refer to the following: 

  • If you are noticing symptoms that lead you to believe you may have a disability and are interested in getting screened and/or assessed, please contact Kevin Bolen or you can go directly to the Office of Student Accessibility Services (OSAS) in GFS 120. OSAS can also be reached at (213) 740-0776 or 
  • If you received accommodations in school due to a learning difference or disability prior to attending USC, please submit documentation verifying this (i.e. a 504 Plan, an IEP-Individualized Education Plan, letter from your doctor, psycho-educational assessment, previous accommodation letter, etc.) to Kevin Bolen 
  • After you have gathered the appropriate documentation and are ready to register with OSAS, please visit their website ( 
  • Click on the “Student Log-In” link 
  • Log in using your USC Log-in/Password 
  • Complete the on-line profile and be sure to request accommodations for the appropriate semester 
  • If you are a student-athlete who is taking MEDICATION for ADHD and has proper documentation to support this, please speak with your Athletic Trainer AND Kevin Bolen immediately 
  • If you have a TEMPORARY CONDITION (injury) and need accommodations because of this, please contact Kevin Bolen 
  • If you have a disability and OSAS has approved for you to receive exam accommodations, please be sure you are communicating with your professor at least 2 weeks in advance regarding your needs.  Depending on which accommodations you’re approved for, you may need to coordinate with OSAS and your professor and this could take time to finalize.