For student-athletes who are interested in taking classes during the summer, two options are available:

  1. Summer school at USC or
  2. Summer school at another institution.

Prior to enrolling in summer school either at USC or at another institution, it is the student-athlete’s responsibility to complete the following steps:

For Summer School at USC:

Non-Scholarship Student-Athletes:
Meet with your SAAS Academic Counselor to determine the plausibility and feasibility of summer school at USC. Any and all summer session registration must take place by the student-athlete in-person at Registration with a Request for Student Program Form filled out and signed by the SAAS Academic Counselor. The Request for Student Program Form can be found inside the Summer School Schedule of Classes or at the office of any SAAS Advisor.

Scholarship Student-Athletes:
Scholarship student-athletes are eligible for aid during a summer school session only if they received aid the previous semester. If a student-athlete’s aid will increase after the summer (Ex: going from 50% scholarship to 100% scholarship), only the percentage of scholarship they received prior to summer school will be used to calculate aid.

Complete the following steps if you are on scholarship and want summer school:

  1. Student-athletes on scholarship must fill out a Summer School Financial Aid Form.
  2. Complete the application on Scholarship Universe.
  3. Register for Summer School (before you hear whether you are approved or denied).
  4. You will be notified by USC whether you have been approved or denied for Grant Summer Aid via email.
  5. If denied it is YOUR responsibility to drop the course. If you are approved, then you’re already registered in the class.

Approval for summer session will be contingent on signatures (approval) from the SAAS Academic Counselor, the student-athlete’s coach, and the SAAS Director.

This year’s summer school application is available on the USC Scholarship Universe Portal. There are two applications, one for students on athletic aid in the fall/spring and another for those who did not receive athletic aid. Since the application is behind Shibboleth, you will need to login (top right corner of the page) to Scholarship Universe to apply.

  1. For student-athletes who receive athletic aid: ScholarshipUniverse
  2. For student-athletes who are not receiving athletic aid: ScholarshipUniverse

To learn more about the rules pertaining to eligibility, conditions of financial awards, procedures for registration, stipend payments, books, and appeals, review the application information in Scholarship Universe.

Want to Take Summer School at Another Institution?

  1. Meet with your SAAS Academic Counselor to determine the plausibility and feasibility of summer school at another institution.
  2. Log in to OASIS and follow the “Request for Pre-approval to transfer course work to USC” option. Choose your class(s) and submit the request online through OASIS prior to enrolling at another institution. Otherwise summer credit will not be counted towards eligibility, and student-athletes risk taking classes that do not transfer for credit towards their degree.
  3. Upon completing the course, request that a copy of your official transcript be sent to Degree Progress and/or your SAAS Academic Counselor. You will not receive academic credit until an official transcript is received.

Learn more about Transferring Course Work from another school this Summer.

Summer Session Financial Aid Request Form

Summer financial aid request forms are regularly updated, please see your SAAS Advisor for the most updated form and questions.

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