Leadership development is a multi-faceted program that develops, challenges and supports student-athletes on their journey to become effective leaders in their present and future endeavors. Opportunities for growth are provided in areas such as Values Clarification, Effective Communication, Decision Making, Goal Setting, and Personal Responsibility, among others.

Leadership programming is provided in a multitude of forms; individual Workshops are offered on a team-by-team basis, the Trojan Athletic Senate participates in various leadership and communication skill building activities at their bi-monthly meetings, PAC-12 SAAC representatives participate in semesterly meetings with other PAC-12 reps, the Captains Corner provides each team’s captains with important leadership skills and strategies, and USC student-athletes are selected to attend NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum & Apple Conferences where they gain additional leadership training to bring back to campus and implement. Female student-athletes have the opportunity to join the Women of Troy group, where they address issues facing women in today’s society and more specifically, women in sports.