A large focus of Personal Development is on assisting students with their transition into and out of USC. In addition to attending the mandatory POWER programs, freshmen student-athletes must participate in the New Student-Athlete Orientation and PHED 165a-Freshmen Success Seminar. These programs introduce new students to campus resources such as USC Libraries, Career Center, Center for Women and Men, the Counseling Center, Student Activities, Financial Aid, and numerous athletic department resources. In addition, topics such as student and faculty communication, social media, academic success, nutrition, and etiquette are covered.

Senior student-athletes are encouraged to attend the annual Graduating Senior Workshop to learn about the physical, emotional, and social transition from of their student-athlete career. Students will hear from health and wellness experts and former student-athletes on topics such as nutrition, health insurance, maintaining an active lifestyle, careers, and sport retirement. In addition, specific POWER program topics addressing career development and financial planning are provided specifically for junior and senior student-athletes.