Mission Statement

The USC Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) Program is committed to providing the necessary support to assist all student-athletes in reaching their full potential academically, personally, and professionally. The SAAS Program is fully integrated with the University. Our program includes academic advising, career development, community service, tutorial programs, and learning specialists, which are all aimed at promoting a philosophy of individual responsibility so as to encourage each student-athlete to value their educational experience. In providing such services, student-athletes will be afforded the opportunity to develop the skills needed to persist towards graduation, become leaders within the community, and lead successful and productive lives.

Personal Development Program

Helping Student-Athletes Score Big in Education, Athletics, and Life

Personal Development is committed to the growth of the total student-athlete. We appreciate the commitment student-athletes make to their academic and athletic goals and the time they invest in these pursuits. Personal Development aims to support student-athletes in these endeavors and encourage them to pursue a well-rounded college experience.

Through targeted programming Personal Development helps student-athletes maximize their personal potential. We aid student-athletes in their transition into higher education, equip them with the skills necessary to meet challenges they may face, and prepare them for life after graduation.