SAAS Academic Counselors are responsible for monitoring the academic progress of each student-athlete to promote effective communication between the student, academic counselor, coaches, and faculty members. Through a proactive system of intervention, the counselors are able to highlight potential academic challenges and celebrate academic successes. All information gathered encourages student-athletes to take ownership of their academic program and make appropriate decisions regarding their future. Academic progress updates are also provided to the coaches on a daily basis to ensure that the coaching staff is fully aware of how their students are progressing in their courses and how their progress may affect their eligibility status.

How to Register for Classes

Please read the attached PDF for further information:
How to Register for Classes

How to Change Your Schedule On or After the 1st Day of Classes

Please read the attached PDF for further information:
How to Change Your Schedule

Description of Holds

If you have a certain type of hold on your registration/OASIS, please refer to the following PDF for the description and the numbers to call to resolve your issues:
Student-Athlete Registration Holds Summary

Eligibility Requirements

Please refer to the NCAA Official Handbook that USC Athletics Compliance has provided:
NCAA 2011-12 Manual

Registration Forms

For student athletes, registration is a multi-stepped process. Please start by first meeting with your SAAS advisor and should you have other questions, please contact the registration office.

Freshman Forgiveness

Please consult with the Office of Academic Records and Registrar.

Summer Session Financial Aid Request Form

Summer financial aid request forms are regularly updated, please see your SAAS Advisor for the most updated form and questions. For the list of advisors click here.