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Monica Morita

Image of Monica MoritaMonica K. Morita has been a dedicated Trojan for many years. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from USC, Monica went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at USC as well. She currently is studying for an Ed.D. in Higher Education at USC. Monica started working for the University starting in 1988 and started working in SAAS in the year of 2002. Monica was formerly an Assistant to the Head Coach of Football (1998-2000), after being a Graduate and Admissions Advisor in the Leventhal School of Accounting (1988-1998). Monica also volunteers with the Swim with Mike organization and is the Director of Recipient Services.


Fun Facts about Monica:

Why did you choose USC?
-A recruiter came to my high school and I really wanted to go to USC. My father said it was too expensive so I decided I’d go to the University of Oregon. I didn’t really like it so I convinced my father that the out-of-state tuition at Oregon was the same as the private tuition at USC so I got to transfer after my freshman year. I’ve been here ever since. This was the right place all along.

Favorite Movie:
- Harry Potter Series + House of Flying Daggers

Favorite Food:
- Plate lunches from Hawai’i

Favorite Quote:
- Fall down seven times, get up eight

Role Model:
- MLK, Mother Theresa, any selfless person and all Swim with Mike recipients

Favorite Musical Performer:
- Black Eyed Peas and Michael Buble

Favorite Book:
- One fish, two fish , red fish, blue fish (I’m not kidding)

- Boxing, Reading, Eating, Sleeping

Random Fact:
- I can play the ukulele behind my head

Contact Information:
Office: (213) 740-4157