Social media sites can be useful and entertaining tools. However, student-athletes are very public figures on college campuses and in the local and national community; making their actions of interest to fans, peers, and the media. In addition, many employers now monitor these sites as part of their employment screening process. For these reasons, it is imperative that student-athletes use discretion when using these sites and carefully monitor their online footprint. The information posted online, even privately, lasts forever.

Social Networking and Media are addressed at the New Student-Athlete Orientation, in PHED 165a, and in the USC Student-Athlete Handbook 2021-2022. In addition, media training is conducted on a team by team basis through the Sports Information office.

Take a quick look at our Sports Information Office Powerpoint about Media: Dealing With the Media

Here is USC Athletics’ Social Media Policy:  USC Student-Athlete Social Media Policy – Sign Off