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Job Opportunities in SAAS


Part-Time Student Employment

There are multiple positions available for USC students to consider when applying for on-campus jobs. Click on the link below to find out more information regarding the opportunities available in SAAS:

Sports Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

SAAS also holds a position for Psychology Postdoctoral Fellows. In conjunction with the Counseling Services department on the USC campus, SAAS offers a collaborative training program for qualified postdoctoral interns in the field of Sports Psychology. The postdoctoral fellowship is a one-year (11 months), full-time position beginning August 1st and ending June 30th each year. Both SAAS and Counseling Services provide postdoctoral fellows advanced training in Sports Psychology and Mental Health for college students. This training program offers structure and support as the postdoctoral fellows develop the necessary tools and skills to prepare for licensure. For more information on this position, please feel free to contact Dr. Denise Kwok (213-740-3801 or or Dr. Robin Scholefield (213-740-7711 or

Full-Time Employment

For all full-time employment opportunities, please visit USC’s Career and Protective Services website (