University of Southern California

Student-Athlete Academic Services

Supplemental Academic Support (SAS) Program

Program Overview:

The Supplemental Academic Support (SAS) Program consists of the Learning Assistant Program, Tutorial Program, and Self-Regulated Learner Program. Each program is designed to address the specific, academic support needs of each student-athlete. The SAS Program is empirically-based, using Constructivist Learning Theory principles and strategies as a foundation. Student-athletes develop individual, academic support plans with the SAS Program staff and Tutorial Coordinator, focusing on goal-setting and planning, as well as evaluating progress towards goal-achievement.


Learning Assistant Program:

Students meet with a Learning Assistant one-to-two times per week to set goals and develop effective time management and study skills. To learn more about this program, or to apply to become a Learning Assistant, click here.


Tutorial Program:

All student-athletes have access to free tutorial services provided by qualified undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of subject areas. Tutorial sessions are all objective-based and structured to meet the individual needs of the student-athletes. To learn more about this program, or to apply to become a Tutor, click here.


Self-Regulated Learner Program:

Student-athletes are either self-referred, or referred by their SAAS Academic Advisor. They will meet with the program coordinator to create a support plan to meet their specific academic needs, receive assistance in scheduling requested tutorial sessions, and obtain information regarding additional academic support, including resources available on campus. To learn more about this program, contact Dr. Martin Jauregui.